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Top 10 Smart Classroom Solution Companies - 2019

The traditional education methods are experiencing dramatic transformation owing to the advent of numerous technological inventions. Classrooms are no longer defined as a teaching space confined within four walls with minimal systems and tools. Instead, classrooms today have evolved in terms of teaching methods by incorporating devices such as computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards, audio/video capabilities, speech-generating devices, and assistive listening devices. These types of heavily equipped classrooms emerge as a perfect foundation for every student to learn and adapt to new knowledge material that is introduced yearly.

One of the key factors driving market growth in the education sector is the ease of teaching and improved accuracy. Smart classrooms prove to be highly effective in overcoming manual challenges related to teaching, such as carrying the books, reciting them, and writing down the information. For both teachers and students, smart classrooms create an optimized education and learning environment by leveraging the advanced interactive and technological support. Besides, smart classrooms offer multiple learning patterns, helping students to learn through various learning modules that are easily understandable.

In this edition, Education Technology Insights has compiled a list of top 10 Smart Classroom Solution Providers that are effectively assisting schools and universities to go digital. Among many, one of the companies featured in this list is Paperscorer that specializes in scanning the answer sheets of students to grade them and automatically import the results into Canvas, Blackboard, Google Classroom, or Learnosity.

Similarly, many more enterprises and firms are continually proving their mettle in offering smart classroom solutions. We hope this issue of the Education Technology Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Smart Classroom Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Smart Classroom Solution Companies

  • Paperscorer is a smart platform that helps teachers to administer assessments in paper and scan grades directly into Google Classroom, Canvas or Blackboard. This process saves teachers ample amount of time and helps them improve the quality of the feedback given to students. Through Paperscorer's eponymous application, educators have the flexibility to create assessments for students as per their needs. The assessments can either be created through Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Google Docs or can be built in Canvas, Google Classroom, or Learnosity. They can then be converted into a paper format where the students can answer these quizzes offline. Student results are then automatically graded and imported into fully-featured digital gradebooks in Google Classroom, Canvas, and Blackboard for review

  • Alpha Video

    Alpha Video

    Established in 1970, Alpha Video is a national integrator of audiovisual, broadcast, and digital media technologies that empower organizations to better communicate with their target audience. Alpha video helps their clients to succeed by designing, installing, and supporting solutions that improve communications, collaboration, and content creation. The company offers AV / IT Integration, Broadcast Systems, CastNET Digital Signage, HD Video Systems, Digital Signage, Videoconferencing, Distance Learning, and Lecture Capture. In the last five years, Alpha Video's Sports & Entertainment division has become the premier integrator of HD control rooms and IPTV solutions for sports venues

  • Boxlight


    Headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA, Boxlight brings robust, integrated solutions that are unmatched in today's education market. Boxlight is a public company which offers Interactive projectors, Large venue projectors, Classroom/boardroom projectors, Projection accessories, STEM, K-12 Classroom Solutions, Educational Technology, Interactive Whiteboards, Classroom Technology, Laser Projectors, technology in the classroom, differentiated instruction, STEM Education, ultra-short-throw projector, technology in the classroom, cooperative learning, school apps, and interactive learning. Their solutions are simple to install and support. Boxlight aim to improve education and engagement in classrooms, and to help educators enhance student outcomes and build essential skills, by developing the products they need

  • Gynzy


    Gynzy is an Internet Education company that was established in 2009 to provide a web-based program that allows teachers to get the most out of their smart boards. The company is convinced that the manner in which children learn and teachers teach will change dramatically in the coming decade through the influence of the Internet. It also believes that this transformation can only be successful if teachers are given a central role in this process. Hence, Gynzy introduces solutions that will genuinely help them each and every day in the classroom

  • HoverCam


    Hovercam created an education revolution powered by a USB cord. Pathway Innovations and Technologies is the designer and manufacturer of HoverCam document cameras, webcams, and scanners. They develop innovative products that enhance learning, improve communication, and save people time. The company provides Document Cameras, Scanners, Web Conferencing, Remote Collaboration, Scanning Technology, Instructional Technology, Grading & Assessment Software, Document Management Software, Visualisers, Education Technology, ICT, and USB 3.0. Their goals are to have a positive impact on classroom learning, create a pathway to the paperless office, and become one of the best places to work in San Diego

  • Promethean world

    Promethean world

    Promethean delivers interactive learning technology, creating innovative education solutions, and virtual classroom solutions. The enterprise’s goal is to reimagine and reinvent educational technology solutions to create dynamic environments, communities, and tools that empower teachers and motivate students to learn. Some of Promethean’s solutions include interactive whiteboards, education, interactive display, technologies, learner response, innovation, teaching, collaboration, classroom software, classroom, student engagement, student motivation, and learning. Through its passion for designs that enhance learning, the business transforms classrooms into collaborative and immersive environments, promoting engagement, and energizing students throughout the learning process

  • Smart


    SMART Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions that inspire greatness in classrooms and workplaces across the world. SMART delivers an integrated solution of software, hardware, training, and services that are designed for superior performance and ease of use. After 30 years in the market, SMART remains a leader in interactive displays. The enterprise’s mission is to provide simple, intuitive, and connected solutions to help the customers inspire greatness in themselves, and the students, colleagues, and teams they interact with. Interactive displays, student response system, interactive learning software, collaboration, interactive projectors, education, education outcomes, and teaching and learning are some of the business’s specialties

  • Spinitar


    Since 1986, Spinitar has been designing, building, and supporting audiovisual and communication technology for use in business, government, and education markets. With offices throughout California, Arizona, and Florida, and through the affiliation with PSNI (Professional Systems Network International) Spinitar helps North American and international customers share and disseminate information more effectively through the use of technology. They create high-performance work and learning spaces for boardrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms, and much more. Spinitar offers audiovisual Unified Communications, Audiovisual Integration, Audiovisual Support and Services, Audiovisual Design, and Visual Learning Tools

  • Splashtop


    Established in 2006 by a group of MIT graduates, Splashtop focuses on innovation and creating a user-experience that is fast, simple, and universally accessible. Some solutions that the enterprise offers are remote access + remote support for computers & mobile, classroom collaboration and 1:1 education, IoT remote access and management, device screen sharing and virtual meetings, and remote desktop software. More than 18 million users have downloaded Splashtop products, and more than 100 million devices have been shipped by OEM partners, including HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Sony, Asus, Toshiba, and Intel

  • zSpace


    zSpace combines elements of AR and VR to create lifelike experiences that inspire curiosity, create engagement, and deepen understanding. Established in 2007, zSpace is a privately held, venture-backed company located in Sunnyvale, California, and has been granted more than forty patents for its innovative technologies. It deals with virtual reality, education technology, augmented reality, education, career, and technical education, CTE, vocational training, Mixed Reality, and AR/VR. The mobile solution of the company can be configured for classrooms, labs, media centers, and maker spaces - and may be stored and transported by a charging cart